Why loan tanks when you can purchase your own and start saving MONEY today!

Owning your own tank means you're in control of pricing and timing of deliveries.

You have the advantage to shop for your fuel and see what suits you best.

We install a wide variety of tanks.
420lb – Verticals

Horizontals –  250 ag, 325 ag, 500 ag, 1000 ag

Undergrounds (we do the job from start to finish)

500 ug, and 1000 ugs

Call and let us help you start saving MONEY today!

3-Month Propane Tank Layaway Program

Tired of paying a premium for your propane?

It's time to own your own tank.

O'Brien's is currently offering a layaway program to purchase a tank(s). Call today to set up an appointment to get an estimate and take back control of what you pay and when you get deliveries.